Explore Sokoine University Pest Management Centre at a Glance

The establishment of Sokoine University Pest Management Centre is aimed at enhancing capacity in pest research at SUA and in Tanzania due to increased Pest infestations in agricultural, and forestry production.


What is pest?

The term "pest" is generally defined as a harmful or hazardous organism. In the biological fields, pests represent animals or plants which destroy, suppress or compete with desired animals or plants in a given environment.

Pests Classifications

Plant pests are generally referred to as weeds.
Animal pests which attack crops and pastures can be classified as migratory, e.g. (birds, armyworms, locusts) or semi-migratory/residents (e.g. rodents, vermins, molluscs insects/nymphs and microbial organisms). Rodents and other vermin are also reservoirs and carriers of diseases. Some arthropods and particularly some insect species are important animal parasites and disease vectors.

Our Research Focuses

The SPMC focuses its research activity on important pests of agricultural crops, forests, animals and humans. The Center has as its major priority also in training of pest research scientists with the ultimate goal to achieve expertise in pest biology and management.